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When we see celebs walk the red carpet we often have a common thought of “how do they look THAT good?” Well, the secret is out (for their toned abs at least). If you’re wanting a core like Kim K then look no further than Skinduced! We offer the same treatment used by the A list celebs we all love and adore. Emsculpt is the leading body contouring treatment, giving you the results of 20,000 sit ups in just one session! And the best part? You lie back and let the Emsculpt do all the work for you. 


We all adore Miss Barrymore, she was a 90s queen that will always hold dear to our hearts. Through the years Drew has changed her look from time to time but seemed to never miss the mark. When it came to her body after having her children, she recently shared her journey to feeling good in her skin again. She shared that she liked that Emsculpt was about “athletics not just aesthetics” for the body, that it didn’t just make her look better, but that it made her feel stronger too

Barrymore has been open about how much she loved her results with Emsculpt that she has even become a spokesperson for the company! Emsculpt was her secret to loving her post-baby body, but now she’s happy to share it with the world. The convenience of these treatments speak for themselves. At an Emsculpt media event Drew shared “I work a lot, my kids come first, and I was like 10th on the list, but I want to look good in my clothes” and further explained how easy 30 minute Emsculpt sessions fit into her busy schedule. 


The Kardashian body has quickly become the beauty standard a lot of us all aim to achieve. Kim has often been open about discussing her treatments and has even let the cameras follow her into the treatment room on occasions. This was true for her Emsculpt treatments which she shared on an episode of Keeping Up With The Kardasians back in 2016. 

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“It feels like you’re doing crunches, but you’re not. I’m into it” says Kim

Kim has shared she has a strict fitness regime to keep her body in the prime state it is in. Utilisng Emsculpt in her fitness routine works to define the muscles in her abdomen to enhance her toned muscles. Her results speak for themselves, it has been proven that using the Emsculpt in addition to regular exercise and a healthy diet will give the best results and Kim is a clear example of that. 

At Skinduced we believe everyone deserves to feel like a celebrity. If you’re seeking a Kardashian body or just need a little extra help feeling good in your skin like Drew, come into our clinic and we can discuss how Emsculpt can help you. 

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Apr 5, 2022 | Treatment guides

About the Author: Dr. Faisal

About the Author: Dr. Faisal

Induced is a skincare brand focused on transforming skin health. Founded by Dr. Faisal, a Cosmetic Physician with extensive experience, we offer innovative solutions for various skin concerns. Our products are crafted with premium ingredients to deliver visible results, promoting healthy and radiant skin. Experience the difference with Induced.

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