Forma is an exclusive thermal skin treatment that provides collagen remodelling and skin tightening for the face and body.

Forma - Skin Tightening

Introducing the new non-invasive skin tightening and tissue remodelling treatment. Forma promotes the growth of new collagen and enhances the skin’s firmness, leading to lasting and impressive results. This treatment is designed for use on specific parts of the body, such as the forehead, eyelids (upper and lower), the area around the nose and mouth, the jawline, and the neck.

How does it work?

Forma promotes the growth of new collagen and enhances the skin’s firmness, leading to lasting and impressive results. The radio frequency current is distributed evenly between the electrodes, providing a warm and comfortable treatment without any worry of uneven heating or under-treatment. The in-built temperature controls ensure clinically proven optimal temperatures for transformative results.

Treatment time

Forma treatment times can depend on the area being treated. However, a standard appointment can take between 45-60 minutes.

What it costs

Treatment Price
From $499

Forma are used to treat:

  • loose skin
  • fine lines and wrinkles
  • uneven skin texture


Benefits of Forma:

  • safe for all skin types
  • no down time
  • non-invasive

Forma Before and After


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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Forma right for me?

FORMA is suitable for all skin types and for individuals seeking firmer skin with a better texture. It’s a fantastic alternative for those who want to refresh their face, neck, or other small body parts like elbows and knees without undergoing surgery.

Does it hurt?

The Forma device heats up to approximately 109 degrees, yet it’s considered a comfortable treatment. People often compare it to having a warm stone massage on their face. The heat level can be manually adjusted, with a lower setting for delicate areas around the eyes to prevent discomfort.

Do I need more than one session?

After the first session, you’ll usually observe a noticeable improvement in skin tightening and lifting. The effects will not be permanent, but with each subsequent treatment, the results will become more pronounced and endure longer.

Is there any down time? 

FORMA requires minimal recovery time. After the procedure, there may be some mild redness in the treated area, but this usually subsides within a few hours.

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