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Banish blemishes, wrinkles and even unwanted tattoos. Our advanced laser-based tech and skin treatments deliver proven results.

Lasers have a wide range of cosmetic and medical benefits when used on the skin. As well as offering total skin rejuvenation, they’re great at improving various skin conditions for both men and women. Our range of laser skin treatments can stimulate collagen, kill acne-causing bacteria and even blast away ink. Our experienced doctor and dermal therapists use the very latest laser skin techniques and devices to help you achieve your beauty goals. 

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Emsculpt Treatment for Buttock Before and After Results

You will get remarkable changes in your buttocks after getting Emsculpt sessions. View these pre-session photos of our patient, who had reduced muscle tone and stubborn fat deposits on her skin. Now look at images after the treatment and notice the decreasing fat in the buttock area and increased muscle mass and tone.

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