Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

valentines day gift ideas

Valentine’s Day brings a great opportunity to show your special someone just how much you love and adore them. What better way to do this than giving them a chance to pamper themselves? We have a variety of options to suit any budget and help to empower the one you love this February 14. 

The overworked ($60)

NovoTHOR If your special someone is constantly working themselves to the point of fatigue or aching muscles give them the gift of relief. The NovoTHOR is a laser pain management option that takes a whole body approach of relief. Sessions are only 15 minutes and will leave your loved one feeling refreshed and relieved. 

The beach babe (from $29)

When your partner spends a lot of time in the sun in a bikini, chances are they aren’t loving the time they spend every week shaving in preparation. Save them time and money and take that hassle away from them. Laser hair removal is available for a variety of body parts to best suit your loved one and the goals they want to achieve. 

The beauty ($89)

If your special someone deserves a special treat, our Oxygen Medifacial is the perfect gift for them. This innovative skin treatment hydrates thirsty skin, boosts collagen and destroys bacteria. Enriched with botanicals and nutrients, this facial will have your loved one glowing from the inside and out!

The refreshed ($120)

When your skin is dull, your body can feel the same. If your loved one is missing their glow our Triple Action Dermal Peel will do the trick! Dermal peels (face peels) work by removing the top layer of skin to encourage cell growth for a fresh, rejuvenated complexion. 

The wiser (from $189)

Give the gift of a youthful glow to your loved ones smile. Our anti-wrinkle injectables can target crow’s feet or deep frown lines, relax your jawline, or tighten an ageing neck, our skilled skin specialists will deliver just the right amount of product to achieve the look they’re after.

The selfless ($179)

If self care slips through the cracks for your loved one, give them a chance to feel like the priority with our Skinduced Signature Facial. This luxurious deep cleansing treatment carried out by our experienced dermal therapists is a dreamy 60-minute pampering session. After this, your loved one will be glowing and confident in their skin. 

The humble ($89)

Even when your partner has an incredible skincare routine at home, sometimes their skin needs a little extra pampering. Here is where Microdermabrasion stands out. Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive procedure that gently exfoliates and removes the dead skin cells on the skin’s outer layer. Your special someone will be glowing and feeling amazing!

The sexy ($269)

Our Emsella can help increase pleasure in the bedroom by improving pelvic floor function. What better gift to give your loved one this Valentine’s Day than an increased libido? This gift will have your partner feeling empowered and confident in the bedroom again. 

There is always room for creativity when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, we offer a variety of other treatments that can be better suited to your special someone. At Skinduced we believe the best gift you can give someone is confidence and that is what we are here for! We also offer gift cards if you can’t pick just one treatment or you want to leave it up to your loved one to choose. If you are feeling a little overwhelmed and lost on where to start for your partner, don’t be shy to give us a call or pop in to our clinic and we can guide you towards a gift they are sure to adore. 

Feb 2, 2022 | Gift Guides

About the Author: Dr. Faisal

About the Author: Dr. Faisal

Induced is a skincare brand focused on transforming skin health. Founded by Dr. Faisal, a Cosmetic Physician with extensive experience, we offer innovative solutions for various skin concerns. Our products are crafted with premium ingredients to deliver visible results, promoting healthy and radiant skin. Experience the difference with Induced.

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