CRYO T Shock-Neck

Cryo T Shock Neck Treatment aims to rejuvenate and tighten the skin surrounding the neck and neck area without requiring any surgical procedure.

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How Cryo T-Shock Neck Treatment:

  • Wrinkle Reduction: Cold and hot compressions reduce wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Fat Reduction: Cold temperatures kill fat cells, reducing puffiness.
  • Skin Tightening: Stimulates collagen production for firmer skin.
  • Reduced Puffiness: Hot temperatures flush out dead cells and reduce swelling.
  • Lifted Appearance: Thermotherapy tightens neck muscles, sculpting the jawline.

How Does CRYO T Shock Neck Lift  Treatment Work?

Cryo T shock Neck lift treatment is carried out by a series of multiple sessions of cold and hot compression. A hand-held device armed with Peltier cells Technology is rolled over the neck and surrounding muscles and starts generating cold and hot compression at regular intervals. Cold Temperature causes vasoconstriction and reduces the blood flow and volume towards the neck. This freezing temperature is so down that it starts the crystallization of fat cells and causes the death of the cells by apoptosis. The immune system drains and flushes out to them.Due to burning fats Swelling and puffiness are reduced to a great extent leaving behind the neck with reduced crepey skin. Hot temperature works opposite and increases the blood flow and oxygen to promote collagen production in deep tissues of the neck. To achieve desired outcomes you will have to take multiple sessions scheduled after a week or ten days.

Treatment time

It may take 30 to 40 minutes for each session.

CRYO T Shock Neck is Used to Treat for What?

  1. Sagging or loose skin
  2. Wrinkles and fine lines near the neck area
  3. Localized fat deposits near the neck
  4. Poor circulation in the neck area
  5. Puffiness and swelling around the neck and muscles.

Benefits of Cryo T Shock Neck Treatment

  • To relieve pain such as migraine
  • Reduced chronic inflammation of the neck
  • Tighten skin near neck and surrounding
  • Reduced Puffiness and Swelling near the Neck
  • Non Invasive Treatment with No downtime of recovery.

Emsculpt Treatment for Buttock Before and After Results

You will get remarkable changes in your buttocks after getting Emsculpt sessions. View these pre-session photos of our patient, who had reduced muscle tone and stubborn fat deposits on her skin. Now look at images after the treatment and notice the decreasing fat in the buttock area and increased muscle mass and tone.

cyro t shock neck beforecyro t shock neckafter 2
cyro t shock full face n neck beforecyro t shock full face n neck after
cyro full face neck beforecyro full face neck after

Cryo T Shock Neck Aftercare

Care after getting Cryo T shock Neck therapy is important to achieve long-lasting and maintained results. Here are a few care instructions you must follow after getting treatment

  • Minimize sun exposure 
  • Keep the body hydrated 
  • Apply a gentle, fragrance-free moisturizer to your neck
  • Do gentle lymphatic drainage massage on the neck a few days after the treatment 
  • Maintain a healthy diet but avoid more carbohydrate

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Cryo T shock Neck Treatment have side effects?

Treatment is safe and leaves no harm to the body however you may experience numbness, redness, and itching after 24 hours of getting treatment.

How Many Sessions Are Enough for T-Shock Neck Treatment?

To achieve desired outcomes you may have to take 3 to 6 sessions scheduled after each week or even more as recommended by the Doctor.

How Much Does Cryo T Shock Neck Lift Cost?

It may cost you 100 to 150 Dollars per session.

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